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If your having girl problems i feel bad for you son [entries|friends|calendar]
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AHHH [20 Nov 2006|07:42pm]
RALLEY TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'07 PICTURE TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To Have Fun

girls night [12 Nov 2006|04:37pm]
last night bri jaci ash and racine and myself hung out. i was fun as always.
lots of drama
i hope mikes ok

ohhh and im just glad that im more mature than you.
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friday night. [04 Nov 2006|03:22am]
things have been ok. tomorrow is gunna be bomb.
tonight however was horrible but needed to happen. someone got really sick and only briana ashley travis nick and myself helped him and i feel good about that. but i was mean earlier cause i thought the situation was different than it was.

it just makes you really think about how you treat people and how there is still bullying around. it really sucks.

i promise to be a better person from now on.

tomorrow we are going to visit this person. i hope they are feeling better.

my dad is being a huge dick.

i love my friends. they are the most caring and all around amazing people that i have ever come in contact with. im so lucky.

as keith urban would say it:
"tonight i wanna cry"
sooo fits the night.
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lately [25 Oct 2006|02:55pm]
visited umass amherst, fell in love. wanna go so bad! they take 32 nursing students.
yeah not likely
but i def was in the car infront of jim mark and matt. i almost died of excitement.
sat night was the halloween party. it was nothign less than amazing.

im in the senior ralley. i cant wait. i guess im tony, i wanted to be roons but you cant always get your way! i know i will make it fun no matter what though. haha

friends pictures are going to be out of control to say the least. cannntt waiiittt.

game tomorrow night. saturday is a hills night minus the hills ha.

but im secretly rich..

i sent out 4 college applications today. i feel accomplished.

<3333333 Lauren
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oh yes [17 Oct 2006|01:10am]
[ mood | happy ]

well ever since my 'depression' a couple weekends ago i have been nothing but extremely happy. things have been amazing.

school stressed me out for about 3 hours today but im much better now.

i jsut got the new TI cd. its AMAZING. LOVE it. =) im so gangsta it kills me

i was suppose to go see friggen umass boston wed but caps and gowns are keeping me from that.

im good friends with bobby again which makes me happy.

ive been distant from ullz and derder lately, not good but what can ya do.

been inseperable from weaves lately.

i miss bri and ash all the time. even when i see them. ha.

its liek jaci doesnt go to lhs but when i see her, its amazing. takes my breath away.

this weekend is going to be ten different kinds of amazing. CANNOT wait.

umass amherst saturday. partying with postie and dana! haha

its so weird to be filling things out for the yearbook. friends pictures? so weird. i love it tho

snowboarding is coming!

had a heart to heart with tj plant last night. i love him.

cats keep coming to my hosue and staying. weirrrdd.


To Have Fun

yeahhh [09 Oct 2006|03:30am]
things have kinda sucked lately.
but this made my past month better:

Minean520: whad'chu think?
Minean520: i was going to turn my back on u?

i miss him so much. im so happy SOMEONE didnt turn their back on me. it honestly means more than he will ever know to hear those words.

but things have still been weird lately. im so sick of things. i need a weekend away. blah.

i went to the mountain today. so beautiful. i love and miss it. cant wait to go up there.

jacis bday dinner was tonight. it was alright. she was so far away from me =(

but jaci and karina made my weekend good. i miss ash, shes away. nicole and bri i know always have my back and i love them for it. racine makes me giggle like whoa. heh.

i hope i hang out with robes tomorrow when she comes home. i need to see her.

im tired although ive slept so much today

back to bed
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lost [03 Oct 2006|09:37pm]
i feel kinda lost lately. i dont know what to think or do.

but i know exactly what im doing?

idk im just confused on some nonsense, well on alot.
the only things that seem clear to me right now is briana nicole and lauren. weird iknow.

i just need tomorrow to come. and then friday si going to be amazing. saturday will blow. but sunday will be good too. and ill attempt mkaing monday somewhat enjoyable.

i neeeeeeeeeeeed this weekend.

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Remember When... [29 Sep 2006|06:53pm]
last night was an absolute blast. it was the APITAMY of a senior night. it started off early with briana, KG, jaci and myself all got a little crunk at some dead end. HAHAHAHA. amazing. then we went to the game and had an amazing time.
ashley looked beautiful, along with lauren. daniel and zach looked stunning. but zach and lauren won.
and the boys actually won for the second time in a row!!!
but all in all i had an amazing time. then i was torn away from the fun to leave a bit early to get to mcdonalds. it was hopping! everyone went there.
then kirk showed up, i ran out and we escaped. kg dropped jaci off and then we dropped her off. bri and i went to lazzaz' for a bit and hung out with everyone. i love my grade =)
then we left to pick up fall. ummm eventful, for sure.
then bri's mom got us crunk for the second time that night and i partied with my dental hygenist. amazing.

im waiting for racine to show up and later cait. we are just watching movies and hagning out.
tomorrow im working breakfast 730-12 with shelly belly. then im going to boston with the best group of kids in leominster. i love my friends more and more everyday, its unbelieveable. they make me the happiest person ever.

im happy =)
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college. [26 Sep 2006|08:52pm]
fuccck. i was so sure. i really was. i wanted to go to amherst and be a nurse.
but you need a 3.8 (i have a 3.42) and you need 1240 on the SATs. FUCCCCK. seriously. like. i almost cried today.
they take 65 PEOPLE. who are theyt o crush my dreams? now they have my second guessing what i want as a fucking major and where i wanna go. where do i wanna go?

i got a scholarship for free tuition to any state school. thats sweet, so i kinda have to go to a state school now tho. damn.

seriously im so confused.

i hung out with bri all day today and ash for a bit. i had such a good day other than i have no future right now.

im fucking 67th in my class and im not good enough for a nursing program at UMASS AMHERST.

im really frustrated.

i supported my girl weaver at her field hockey game tonight with bri. talked to cait. i miss her. shes a good egg.
saw hazzy (he took my breath away) and then tano (breathless) there is a difference.
i think im in love with both of them.

but tomorrow is thurs. i love thurs.

my new kitten is to die for =)
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you said the way my blue eyes shined put those georgia stars to shame at night. i said "thats a lie" [20 Sep 2006|02:27pm]
things have been good lately. this week has been meh, but last night def changed the WHOLE week.

after realizing that passing up a red sox ticket was beyond retarded because trot was most likely not goingot be sticking around, i snagged that ticket from dave real quick.
so (after much chaos about whose ticket i was stealing, and how kilroy was going to steal libby's ticket) it ended up being dave carchidi kilroy and myself at the game. nick and ashley were there with nicks family so we met up with them.

i had a blast. mr reardon (sp?) ended up sitting RIGHT NEXT to us. weird. but he had 3 friends with him who were all drunk. one hit on ashley (go figure) and keith (reardon) snapped on his friend. it was hilarious. we were dying. anyway, we sat two rows back from the visitors bullpen (right behind trot) and papi hit his 50th homerun of the season, tying foxx's record from the 1930s. FUCKING SICK. the place was crazzzzzy, ill tell ya.

anyway, visiting my happy place made me, well happy. amazing.

i got a full tuition scholarship to any state school today cause im NIIICE with it, straight up. aka my mcas scores were really good.

but this year is going to be a blast i know it. this weekend i dont have work ONCE. danng son. im pumped.

anyway, i love life right now, thanks to teh sox lol. im so gay
the end =)
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[16 Sep 2006|02:49pm]
serious question. goggles wise... electrics or anons. electrics are curvier and anons are just the shit. not sure. hmmmmmmm.

jennah. i want your imput for sure.

so things are good. friday was AMAZING. so much fun
saturdya was hills girls night. MUCH NEEDED.

i work like its my job now. blaaah. oh well

i hate school but like seeing ppl. my classes are wicked easy. :)

i got money like whoa too. its amazing.

im bored. cant ya tell?
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yeahh [11 Sep 2006|09:19pm]
things have been amazing. my friend just continue to amaze me about being perfect and always being there for me.

friday was a blassstt.
this friday is gunna be better. myy turrrrn =)

i can tell this year is going to be the best. i looooove everything about this year already

minus 4th lunch. im pissed about that.

ohhh and i love it when your old best friend calls you gross. thats pretty sweet too. siiiiike.

to think that i thought everythign was ok? i was obviously wrong.

anyway. i lvoe life.
my new kitten (pesky) is adorable.
i miss remy

the end
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school [31 Aug 2006|02:53pm]
alright we are fucking seniors and already the perks are coming about. i go to guidance whenever i want and do whatever i want and bolger loves me and does whatever i want. i dropped ap cal and im taking it easy this year. i cant wait. i have awesome classes and i love being a senior.

my first day of school blew.
but my second day was good
and today was good

i think all days are gunna be good now.

senior shirts on sale tueseday. looove it.

i see weaver all day basically and derder. posty alot too and robison alot. goddd. this year is going ot be mint.

shabooms sunday and then first football game on friday! we are writing leominster on our stomachs. nice. gawd.

but yeah thats basically it.
To Have Fun

damn [26 Aug 2006|08:57pm]
my kitten is still missing. anyone off of prospect street, keep an eye out for a siamese kitten. then call me.

2 nights left until school ngihts begin.
i hate school
but im looking forward to it
i miss the boys but love catching up with matt devin and mark. mobely is my brother and i adore him.
i miss hanging out with ym old friend, but i love my new friends too. im hoping i can find a happy medium.
im excited for football games. IM THE S!!

my classes are good this year
im kinda broke
jaci is coming over to watch the notebook and cheer me up
:( <--- thats me

i need to see beerfest
and maybe step up one more time

im not prepared to get up at 530 am everyday. no sir e bob.

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remy. [24 Aug 2006|03:06pm]
my cats missing and its the worst thing ever.
i miss her.
its raining out and im cold.
people have been really nice and have lifted my spirits a little

ash is the best, she came over and looked all in woody's field with me. shes great.

im tired and just want my little baby kitten.

school is in 4 days. oh gosh.
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the end of summer :( [21 Aug 2006|11:04am]
well summer is coming to an end. it was LOTS of fun but now im kinda excited for school to begin. we are finally seniors and its gunna be a blast.
football games are going to be amazing.

last night was movie night at my house. robes dave nick roons jcal ullo guetano matty may and carchidi were here. it was fun. i love them kids.

got my schedual changed. im really excited for it. let me know if your in any of my classes.

1st semester--
1-anatomy and physiology...tolman
2-ap calculus... mrs. reyes-prieto (ms.o)
3-hrs st college english... thomas
4-gym...dubz study...basset
5-economics... digregorio
6-community career connections... martellotta

2nd semester--
1-anatomy and physiology...tolman
2-ap calculus... mrs. reyes-prieto (ms.o)
3-hrs st college english... thomas
4-office assistant
5-basic tv production... lew
6-community service...martellotta

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gotta get to youuuuuuuu and that bootttyyyyyy [12 Aug 2006|07:25pm]
things have been good
a week without parents was amazing.
my hosue was great
nicks house was mint
davis' house the first night was awesome the second night was ok
vic's was soo fun

it was like my week of rebellion again :) i need one every 6 months or so

buttttt yeah thats good enough
summer is ending
i hate school
things have been ok
im ready to snowboard with bri

wait, bri is here now so im done. bye
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chyea boysss [09 Aug 2006|11:13am]
i hung out with the boys last night. it was a blast to say the least. there is nothing funnier than drunk dave rooney nick and james. haha. i had some nice heart to hearts

i got a call this morning from my brother that someone egged my car.

it got on the mountaineer.
if i find out who it is, i decided that i will (no matter where) take an egg and shove it in their face and then just casually walk away.

fucking faggots.
im pissed.

To Have Fun

wooohooo [05 Aug 2006|12:00pm]
well things have been spontaneous and enjoyable.
after work friday i went to dicahs with derder and had a girls night and caught up. ate good in the neighborhood. love them
then sautryda worked and thenw ent to see ricky bobby with mitch cait and liz and wheeler. it was soo good to see them. i look forward to spending more time with them. i really do miss them.
i saw mobely. i can hoenslty say i have missed him the most! hes like my older brother

umm tomorrow should be good. FREEDOM. drive ins tomorrow? gunna be fun!

friday SIX FLAGS!!! WOOO!!

i havent seen bri in 2 days. im dying
i hope more old ebst friend time

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things. [03 Aug 2006|11:16pm]
well things have been ok. ive been having a godo time doing whatever i have been doing. wednesday was the last hills party :( but that wont stop us girls from getting together, oh hell no.
weaver and racine surprised bri jaci and i with a hills cake. it was amazing lol. sooo good. the season finale was good too. then jaci left for boyfriend time and us four just had a typical girls night... of course watching TRISTAN AND ISOLDE. suuuch a good movie.

i honestly loooove hanging out with racine and weaver. they are friggen awesome. i havent seen ash in a couple days. i miss her alotalot.
driveins this weekend. and lots of other fun stuff :)
i miss ullo.. i feel like i never see him jcal or derder nomore.gayyyy.

stephanie is coming back to work at jackies. that makes the ppl i work with even more amazing. i loveeeee the girls i work with sooo much.

i need to save 740 more dollars by december. and i can actually do it. wow.im gunna be broke though.

I CANT WAIT TO START THIS YEAR (AND FINISH IT). i love my class. jeeeezzzzzz

liv and hazz visited me at work today. i made them LOTTS of ice cream for a little bit of money and then crazy liv tried to give me a 5 dollar tip. haha shes funny.

i miss my old friends a bit. it would be nice to spend an afternoon with them.

nay is doing soooo good and im soo happy for her.

thats probably good.
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